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Blogging has become trending for every individual but showcasing the right information and updates is the most crucial part. We focus on Technology, Marketing and Management which includes digital marketing, trying to provide the latest news and latest updates and trends in the market for the readers.

Blog for all, is the main focus of us to provide the blogging and relevant articles for our readers. Blogging has been an essential element in any segment and market, a medium where every one can connect and easily get access to the newest and coolest updates with ease.

What we are offering is simply the beginning of our services but promising to revamp and upgrade ourselves with the passage of time. We are offering number of tiers in our blogging site, which subsume number of categories they are Digital Marketing, News, Technology, Business, Entrepreneurship and Social. Bestowing the best of the latest information and current trends with news updates.

Digital Marketing services, digital marketing news, Digital marketing trends and digital marketing updates are some of the common aspects which follows the blogging, the research papers by companies and various new tools and techniques of advertisement and promotions, the paid advertisement medium whether its Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social media platforms, AdWords or Google Ads and analytics all in all play a vital role. And we offer the latest digital marketing updates, digital strategy, social media updates and information for our readers.

Get all the latest news updates around the world and stay updated with us.Social factors or socialism, social activity all that willing to make a difference and change the social and cultural structure to make a difference should be shared. 

Technology plays a vital role for every individual, constantly there are updates and latest tech information out there in the market. It becomes difficult to cope up and get the updates constantly. Here at Vitsmuni we provide the newest tech and the coolest tech information for our readers and updating them with the latest technology information.

Business is the soul of a country economy, from stock market to big MNC’s it’s the business which is bringing the revenue, employment and GDP to our country. Getting business updates across global and corporate world whats happening in their, what new is coming and how’s the performance and all the relevant questions and queries needs to answered and known, ultimately its going to affect us. Here we provide the latest business news and updates of the business world. Whether its biz news or business news we will update our readers regularly.

Entrepreneurship is the innovation and ideas that makes a difference between a dreamer and a doer. There are many cases and news which are there, their journey how they made the difference and what innovation they did, their stories and videos must reach to the readers for inspirations and aspirations. New ideas, innovations, entrepreneurship stories all we will updated here for our readers to get inspired and motivated.

We at Vitsmuni promise to give the best of the services to our readers as mentioned above and revamp with every growing time. Vitsmuni a site, blog for all, technology, business, marketing but more than that a site for the readers.

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Genius is more often found in a cracked pot than a whole one” – E.B White

Rahul Viswakarma- Rahul Vishwakarma -free lacer-digital marketer
Digital Marketer and a Learner

Rahul Viswakarma

The sheer wave of refashioning and intemperate grin are the two most important ingredient in life that makes up a human being. Believing in facts and the feasibility are one part and action to precedent or unprecedented scenario is another. Simple but classic, quite but loud and clear, entertaining, fun loving and just a listener are some of the characteristics of mine. Love being creative and passionate about my work and emotionally well balanced. I prefer being realistic, loves singing, meditating, love gulabjamun and samosa.

My Favorite quote : “Always smile and share it” & “Say what you mean, and mean what you say“.

Anupam Srivastava
Digital Marketer and Consultant


A passionate Digital Marketer, Consultant and Trainer, love to interact with people and make an impact through works. A keen enthusiast and learner of advertisement, marketing and management. Believe in creating value through work, most importantly believe in delivering the client expectation. Love to travel, bike riding, photography and exploring new places. A food lover and great lover of technology.

My favorite quote: “Stop being the best just be you

Digital Marketer-Ajay Rao
Digital Marketer


An enthusiast, who is always keen to know what happens with technology. Constantly trying to make his own space in the unpredictable changing environment learning & growing. Finds happiness in the smallest of things. Dreams about changing the world & motivated enough to fulfill his dreams. Working on Digital Marketing, fascinated towards automation. Trying to get in to indepths of every aspects.