TOFU MOFU & BOFU Guide to Content Strategy to Sales & Marketing Funnel

TOFU, MOFU and BOFU a content strategy to sales and marketing funnel is a guide to your Content Strategy plan. Your Content Marketing guide to sales and lead nurturing. Previously in our article, we have already discussed the three levels of complete Content Marketing campaigns and planning level. What is Content Marketing? and myths of content […]

Pinterest Unlocks Content Marketing to Third-Party Influencer Marketing Platforms

Pinterest Unlocks Content Marketing to Third-Party Influencer Marketing Platforms. It has reached 250 million users per month and most probably crossing that mark. Becoming one of the most favorite platforms for brands reaching $11 billion valuations. But what’s next after it? Here it is they have recently announced a new way for the business to […]

Pinterest is rolling out dynamic covers and monthly viewers for business profiles

Pinterest has become more than a bookmarking site to search engine and with additional advancement it’s now focusing more on providing a business overview to its users. Pinterest is rolling out dynamic covers and monthly viewers for business profiles, including the expansion numerous improvements in business profiles. This measurement will be unmistakable to everyone and […]

Spotify, Airbnb and Dropbox among 2018’s expected IPOs-Business Updates and News

Companies flocked to the stock markets last year in their highest numbers since the financial crisis, with the parent of US mobile messaging app Snap and AIB among the biggest flotations as 1,700 deals raised almost $200 billion globally. The number of initial public offerings (IPO) marked a 44 per cent increase over 2016, according to Dealogic […]

Stripe wants to modernize commerce for the internet age

Back in 2010, Patrick and John Collison cofounded Stripe, which quickly gained a following thanks to how easily it let developers integrate a payment system with a few lines of code, something that financial tech giants like PayPal lacked at the time. More than seven years later, the Y Combinator alumnus has matured; its mission of helping developers […]

WeWork’s Powered By We Item is Fundamental to 2018 Development Strategy

WeWork had a big year in 2017. The seven-year-old company opened 90 new locations, doubling its global membership, and expanded into new cities in Latin America, Asia and Australia, and Europe and Israel. It is reportedly valued at $20 billion. While 2018 holds more of the same — WeWork plans to launch 1 million square feet […]